ED Group a.s.

Starting the building works: 02 / 2016     |     Finishing the building works: 10 / 2017


The development project CASTLE VIEW RESIDENCE has been approved in the year 2017 which consists of five residential buildings. The project is located at the coveted Prague 4 location of Kavčí hory in Podolí. RESIDENCE CASTLE VIEW boasts spectacular views of the surrounding area, especially views of both castles in the city – Vyšehrad and Prague Castle, one above the other, almost in alignment. Views of a large section of the river valley and Barrandov on the opposite side of the Vltava increase the attractiveness of the project.

The residential complex offered a total of 43 flats in two four-storey and three six-storey buildings with layouts ranging from 2 + kitchenette to 5 + kitchenette and floor areas of 56 m2 to 316 m2. Residential units on the ground floor have their own gardens, while the other apartments have terraces. Each unit naturally also has a cellar storage space and at least one parking space. The investor paid great attention to a high level of standard furnishings and the use of premium materials.

The common objective of the investor and the architects was to design a project that would provide all the amenities of contemporary architecture, blend in naturally with the local development without disrupting its existing character while also creating living for clients with a modern sensibility and twenty-first-century needs.

Foreword by architect

The plot selected by the investor in Kavčí hory in Podolí has a unique position on the very edge of the hill, offering spectacular views of the surrounding area. The complex of five stand-alone buildings replaces the existing administrative building, the height and volume of which disrupted the existing predominantly villa development. A larger number of smaller-scale buildings were therefore designed to fit into the residential area. Moreover, the use of a giant order on the facades optically decreases the height of the new buildings.

The weight of the reinforced concrete structure is relieved with large glazed areas that also provide sufficient natural light for the interiors. Also contributing to the friendly scale of the entire complex is the use of contrasting materials on the facades of the individual houses. Light and smooth exposed concrete alternates with dark, distinctly structured rough plaster. Lush gardens with tall trees between the houses make life in the city more vibrant.

Ing. arch. Malý, Ing. arch. Adámek